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Prevent intruders or unwanted guests from making off with your most valuable possessions by storing them in a secure safe from DSC Security. Our skilled technicians can supply and install a wide variety of safes to suit your needs, ensuring that your cash, documents, or other valuables are kept securely, well out of harm’s way.


Underfloor Safes

Underfloor safes are installed in a hole in the ground, which is then filled with concrete to prevent easy removal. They come in a variety of sizes and internal capacities with different cash ratings from £4,000 to £10,000. Other options include:
Choice of key or keyless combination locking methods
Can come with a deposit tube so that capsules can be dropped in, without opening the safe

Free Standing Safes

As the most commonly requested variety, free standing safes are perfect for your home or commercial premises. They can be bolted to the floor or wall to prevent easy removal and come in a variety of sizes and internal capacities. Other options include:
Choice of key, keyless combination, or digital keypad locking methods
Available in a variety of Recommended Insurance ratings from £2000 to £100,000
Include a certain degree of fire-resistance
Wide range of deposit methods, including rotary deposit, letter slots, and drawers

Fire Resistant Safes

If you want reliable protection for your important documents, a fire-resistant safe is the way to go. These safes are fixed with a non-invasive fixing plate to allow the safe to be secured without breaching its fire protection. They are available in a variety of sizes, locking methods, and cash ratings, and are fire test certified for a minimum of ½ hour at 750ºC.


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