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Alarm Monitoring Receiving Centre (ARC)

A monitored alarm system increases the security of your business by guaranteeing a response to an activation.

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Keyholder – unconfirmed activation

If you want your keyholders to be informed of a single detector Alarm activation (unconfirmed) or any other notification from your alarm about its status, we can install a modem to enable the communication to our Alarm Receiving Centre. The ARC will then follow the procedure requested, normally by phoning the 1st nominated keyholder to inform them of an activation.

Police – confirmed activation

If you or your Insurance provider require you to have a Police Response when a second detector activates soon after the first activation (confirmed), we can install suitable equipment to enable the communication to our ARC who will then follow the procedure normally contacting your local Police Constabulary to inform them of the confirmed activation and also contacting a keyholder to make them aware of a confirmed activation and the fact the Police have been notified.

Different types of Alarm Monitoring

There are 2 distinct types of alarm monitoring equipment, single-path or dual-path the difference simply being that the dual-path has a back-up method of communication if the first method is compromised in any way.

As technology progresses the most reliable methods of communication avoid the use of telephone lines with all the problems of customers switching phone providers whose new equipment is not compatible with alarm equipment causing the communication path to fail and therefore compromising the security of the property.

SINGLE-PATH Monitoring

CSL DigiAir Connected uses all mobile networks via the WorldSIM, instead of a telephone line to signal the ARC from the protected premises. This is designed for a low to medium risk premises and is an ideal upgrade for a wired digital communicator as it eliminates call costs and phone charges, and also allows access to the PyronixCloud App functions for the HomeControl range of panels.

DUAL-PATH Monitoring

RedCare Secure is a smart, secure, dual-path signalling service which uses the GPRS service as its encrypted primary signalling path. Utilising either PSTN line or Internet Protocol (IP) technology as an alternative path, RedCare Secure provides a cost effective and secure dual path system.

DualCom GPRS (Packet Radio) uses the GPRS service as its encrypted primary signalling path. When combined with Internet Protocol (IP) technology as an alternative path, you have a cost effective and secure dual path system.

WebWayOne uses two separate paths to communicate with the ARC this can be in a mixture of GPRS, IP or PSTN. WW1 are the first company to offer 2 separate SIM cards as an alternative path to allow for Dual Path Signalling without the need for a standard telephone line.

Redcare GSM is a dual path “broadband style” connection that’s always active and linked with a backup radio service. If the BT landline fails, the ARC will receive a communication failure message, but the GSM path will continue to communicate with the ARC. This can ONLY be connected to a BT phone line.

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