COMMERCIAL Access control

Control the flow of your property with the latest access control systems

Access Control

Access control is all about controlling who is able to access your property. It includes a range of technical solutions all designed to solve a single problem – the need to allow the free flow of authorised people whilst denying entry to unwanted visitors. By excluding these unwanted visitors and walk in thieves, access control helps to prevent the loss of personal possessions, items of stock and general office equipment, increasing the safety of employees and protecting sensitive information.

DSC Security can provide leading edge solutions to protect all manner of commercial or public buildings.

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Access control systems can also help:

  • Increase security with Photo ID cards
  • Protect employees, visitors, property and sensitive information
  • Secure certain areas of a building such as Server Rooms
  • Integrate with other security systems for centralised management of the site
  • Assist with car park management
  • Help compliance with requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act

A simple single door stand-alone unit can allow entry into an area using proximity fob or digital keypad for authorised personnel. This may also incorporate an Intercom (Audio or Video) to allow conversations with visitors and the ability to allow them access by releasing the door for them to enter the building.

A PC based system with numerous doors allows a Manager to use PC based software to set up and change who entry is allowed to through each door on a system, restricting with time zones if necessary. Users can instantly be restricted from authorised entry to any or all doors at the click of a mouse. This makes it easy to control access without the necessity to reclaim the proximity fob.

Codes, Proximity Tags, Retina or Fingerprint Access

DSC Security can offer a variety of access control options to operate electronic entry systems using digital codes, proximity tags or retina/fingerprint biometrics to suit your specific requirements. Our professionally qualified technicians are able to install quality protection you require for your business.

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