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Bosch Security BLD1-P Pet Friendly Sensors

The BLD1-P detector is designed to provide effective security in premises where animals (dogs, cats, rats etc.) may be present. It enables homeowners to protect their homes while allowing their pets to move freely around the property.

Supervised Microwave

Patented fully supervised microwave circuitry provides single technology coverage in the event the microwave system fails.

Pet Immunity

The detector is able to distinguish between signals caused by humans and signals caused by pets (one dog up to 45kg [100 lbs], two dogs up to 27 kg [60 lbs] or up to 10 cats). This provides immunity to false alarms while maintaining proper catch performance of human targets.


  • Artificial intelligence
  • Five detection layers including look down zones
  • Five mounting options
  • Selectable PIR sensitivity
  • Vertical and Horizontal pointability
  • Motion Analyser II processing
  • Draft and insect immunity
  • Supervised microwave and PIR
  • Pet Immunity
  • Temperature compensation
  • EN50131 Grade 2
  • Environmental Grade II
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