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Q: I’ve got good door and window locks so why should I consider an intruder alarm system?

A: It is a proven fact that in a given area of houses, the properties WITHOUT an intruder alarm are MUCH more likely to be targeted by potential burglars. 

A lack of intruder alarm system allows burglars plenty of time to look around and choose what they wish to steal without being disturbed. Visible signs of an intruder alarm when potential burglars are ‘casing’ an area put them off and make them turn their attention to properties with no sign of an intruder alarm. A burglar breaking into a house that has an intruder alarm will instantly trigger a siren that cannot be silenced, giving them no time to scour the property for valuables and thus leaving them empty handed. Indeed burglars are likely to flee as soon as the alarm sounds because they don’t know who is looking out of their window or whether the alarm is being monitored by an Alarm Receiving Centre.

In over 25 years of installing thousands of intruder alarms, we have only had 2 instances where domestic properties have been burgled with one of our alarms installed. One where the alarm had NOT been set by the owner so the burglar was able to take his time, and the other a secluded bungalow where the siren box was at a low level and was ripped off the wall (still ringing) wrapped in a duvet to muffle the sound as they could not silence it (back up battery in the siren box!). They didn’t stay in the house long and didn't steal much because of the internal sounder and did not know whether the system was being monitored by our Alarm Receiving Centre.

Q: Are alarms expensive?

A: Not nearly as expensive as 15-20 years ago, when the average alarm system could cost up to £2000. DSC Security can install a small, simple NACOSS Gold alarm system with 12 months warranty and 12 months FREE maintenance from as little as £475 (inc. VAT). The average cost of an alarm system to a 3-bedroom sized house is usually between £600 and £700, but obviously it depends how many detectors you want; your budget and your requirements will determine our recommendations.

Q: I want an alarm but I’ve got a cat and a dog. Will they set it off?

A: No problem! DSC Security can install ‘Pet-Friendly’ detectors, which will not activate when cats or dogs weighing less than 45kg (100lb) are in the area. These detectors will still detect humans, however, so your property is still protected from intruders.

Q: I’m not very good with technology. Will the alarm be easy to use?

A: DSC Security generally install the Castle Euro-Meridian range of control panels and keypads, which must be one of the most user-friendly systems ever! The Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) shows full English text rather than just a number or an LED flashing when something is wrong, so you immediately know where a potential problem is, rather than having to find the manual to decipher what a flashing ‘3’ or ‘F4’ means! But the best bit is the proximity tags that we can provide. They allow you to simply set and unset the alarm, by swiping a small tag device across the keypad. A 4-digit code can be used if you prefer, however the tags make life so easy that codes are rarely used.

Q: I want an alarm but I don’t want to see any cables or have to re-decorate?

A: All DSC Security staff are fully trained and take pride in being able to conceal cables wherever possible; most of the time no cables are visible or obtrusive. Most cables will be run under the edges of carpets so you won’t see or even feel them. If you don’t have carpets the surveyor may suggest that you have a wireless system installed, which will be more costly but will solve the problem of unsightly wiring. Our engineers also have the training and the necessary equipment to ensure that they leave your house as clean and tidy as they found it, without any need for you to re-decorate or readjust. The only visible sign that our engineers have been should be the new alarm equipment!

Q: Will false alarms set the alarm off all the time?

A: Technology has been racing ahead for many years now and intruder alarm equipment is much more reliable now than it was in the past. DSC Security is an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assured Company and always uses high quality, award-winning equipment when installing an alarm. This, coupled with our fully trained and experienced staff, ensures that false alarms from within the system are very unlikely. 

Q: Why don’t I just buy a cheap DIY alarm and fit it myself?

A: If you purchase an intruder alarm from a DIY store and fit it yourself, there is no back up or support if it becomes faulty and you may not be able to stop the siren from sounding, especially annoying for you and for your neighbours at 3am in the morning! DIY alarms do NOT comply with any insurance requirements for a NACOSS, EN50131 & PD6662:2010 Intruder Alarm System as they cannot be covered by a maintenance agreement with a 4-hour engineer response time. They also CANNOT communicate to an Alarm Receiving Centre to obtain a police response. 

All DSC Security alarm systems comply with insurance requirements, will be installed to a high standard and there will always be back-up help from our engineers who will visit if necessary to investigate a fault, 24-hours a day, providing there is a maintenance contract in force. 

Q: Can I set an alarm at night if I’m in the house?

A: Yes in most cases, although bungalows can sometimes pose a few problems. All modern intruder alarm systems have the facility to ‘Part Set’ the system, which basically means that if you have any detection devices on the first floor, e.g. landing, these are isolated when you part set the system at night so you can visit the bathroom without activating the alarm! This ensures that the ground floor is protected from intruders but still allows you to walk into isolated areas upstairs.

Q: How will I know if my alarm has activated?

A: If you’re not in your house, there are a number of ways that this can be done but with our Castle Euro-Meridian systems the simplest and most ingenious method is for the alarm to send SMS text messages to your mobile phone (and up to 3 other mobiles) showing which zone has been activated. For other methods of alarm communication please see the section on alarm monitoring.
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